Well, lots of things.  First, visit www.velopigs.org and read & sign the Release of Liability form located under the “Our Rides” tab.  All participants are required to sign before joining our rides or events.

No Sign = No Ride. Other than that: be physically fit and healthy to ride, own a bicycle or six, have experience riding gravel roads (sometimes bumpy, messy, and wet/muddy), be comfortable riding with others nearby, be comfortable having vehicles pass, assemble a packable tool and a tire repair kit (more on that below), and put on a smile.

All riders need to wear a helmet and mount and illuminate front white and rear red lights on their bikes during all VeloPigs group rides. And just in case, all riders need to carry personal identification and emergency contact information.  RoadID is a great option for that.  For more information on bicycle laws and riding safely see the next FAQ.