A:  Absolutely! We break the rides up into three groups: “The Business”, “Business Casual”, and last but not least, “Party Pace” – Yea!

Here are some details:

  • The Business averages 16+ MPH with minimal stopping, but instead some surges, attacks, and high heart rates!
  • Business Casual is usually about 14 – 15+ MPH average, stopping at major intersections (as all good cyclists do) and at the top of the longer climbs to regroup and talk smack. The Business Casual group ride the same route as The Business, so if you start with the hammers you can drop-back if your legs are not feeling as fast as your ambition.
  • Party Pace is whatever the group determines. Generally, there are more frequent and longer stops to regroup, and usually a few less miles and a little less elevation than the other groups.

The mentioned average speeds can fluctuate during all group rides based on weather, wind speed, temps, gravel road surface conditions, who’s riding, etc. Estimated speed ranges are just that, estimates. Our ride leaders do a great job to ensure nobody is left behind and feels included. Nevertheless, all riders should be prepared to ride solo if they happen to lose the group, because that is a possibility.