Our Sponsor – Plum Grove Cyclery

We could not be more proud to be the VeloPigs sponsor and to be bringing the bacon ourselves. We are a traditional bike shop that has been in Leesburg going on 21 years. Plum Grove is a community-focused business with a love affair with the bicycle and the freedom, excitement, and health benefits it brings. Our community efforts are our world-famous book club, assistance with bicycles and repairs to Loudoun’s homeless, low-income, and work release program. Being a previous recipient of the Tolbert environmental achievement award, we strive to leave the smallest footprint possible. And through our partnership with the pigs, we have adopted two of the most significant gravel roads in the county. Back to the shop, as mentioned, we are a traditional full-service shop, new bikes, service, clothing, and accessories. While our specialty is certainly gravel bikes and the gear that goes along like, tubeless tires, gravel-specific wheels, bars, frame bags, etc… We also carry pedal-assist e-bikes, recreational bikes, mountain bikes, and kids bikes. The bike brands we sell are Cannondale, Norco, Moots, and Pivot.

Biking equipment at our bike shop: