Bike Fitting Increases Comfort and Safety

Bike fitting isn’t just a luxury for a select few. A properly fitted bike is more comfortable and places less strain on your body. This makes it easier to ride farther and for longer.

We use the Body Geometry FIT approach to bike fitting. Based on the research of Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, this ergonomic approach to adjusting bikes to fit individual riders helps riders of all skill levels become more comfortable and perform at their best. Our team member XXXX is a certified Body Geometry FIT specialist and can help you with a personalized session to adjust your bike so it fits your body exactly.

Reasons to Get Fitted

  • Increase your endurance and power
  • Make gains in your performance
  • Reach fitness goals
  • Banish pain or soreness (back, feet, neck, shoulders, knees, hands)
  • Reduce potential for injury
  • Enjoy an unprecedented level of comfort while riding

Steps for Bike Fitting

  • Interview – You will first be interviewed about what types of riding you like to do, what goals you might have, and if you are currently experiencing any discomfort.
  • Physical Assessment – Your bike fitter will assess your flexibility and physical dimensions to better decide on the equipment and components to fit you best.
  • Ride Analysis – You will be set up on your bike and observed from the front and the sides as you ride in place to assess your position on your bike.
  • Fitting – A 15-step process to adjust your bike and equipment begins to tailor your bike to your body.
  • Follow up – A follow up consultation is set to assess how the changes are working, to see if any adjustments are needed and to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make your ride the best it can be!

Cost: $200
Time:  1.5 hours
What to Bring: Current bike, shoes, pedals, biking clothing including gloves, water bottle, towel.
Call us (703) 777-2252 or Contact us today to set up a bike fitting session.