VeloPigs founded in 2017, our Northern Virginia gravel biking community has grown to over 580 members. We are a gravel biking community created to reach as many gravel cyclists as possible throughout Northern Virginia, creating unique gravel rides and epic social gatherings in the Loudon County area.

We have created a solid gravel cycling foundation and look forward to seeing you join the VeloPigs!



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Ride Bikes, Do Good, Be Kind.


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Please follow the VeloPigs  and share any routes you would like to share.

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The 2021 VeloPigs Kit is Here!

We have put a lot of work into designing our VeloPigs KIT this year we hope you like it! We are super stoked to announce the store is now open. Order now and get your

Cleaning your bike

How to Clean Your Bike If you’re out and about on your bike enough, chances are your bike may need to be cleaned from time to time. Keeping your bike clean is a regular maintenance

Chain Maintenance

Bike Chain Maintenance 101 Your bike’s drivetrain is what keeps your bicycle rolling. That’s why it’s so important to keep your bike chain clean and lubricated. Chain Cleaning Tools In general, you shouldn’t need to

  • “The Velo Pigs are the most welcoming social activity based group you can find. With a combination of social and environmental
    responsibilities and a true concern for our community and it environment, this eclectic group of cyclists is like none other.
    The Pigs ride for fun, for beer and any challenge or competition you put them up too!!”

    M Pluntke
  • “Velopigs is a rolling party, but it’s also a family.
    Accessible and inclusive, supportive of new riders and
    community initiatives. Great people having fun on and off the bike.”

    P. Roher
  • “The VeloPigs are an inclusive group of friends who love riding bikes, exploring local roads, and catching up over a cold drink!
    The club has something for everyone, whether you are a brand new gravel rider looking for some tips on staying upright or an experienced
    cyclist working to take it to the next level. Riding on the gorgeous gravel roads of Loudoun County, the VeloPigs group rides are a great
    way to discover new routes with great friends! Come join us!”

    S. Roberts